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Sept. 28 - Oct. 26     I     $99

If 2020 has taught me anything thus far, it’s that humans crave connection and knowing they aren’t alone.  By creating a cohort of women - sharing their experiences, their challenges and their triumphs - we want to help others reflect on what they have learned this year and best prepare for what’s to come. 


As women, we often hurry through our days, checking things off our lists, responding to other’s needs and working feverishly on tasks only to feel emotionally depleted and unfulfilled. 


At Ivy.Ly we believe our strength is in reflection - spending time getting to know who YOU are, what YOUR strengths are and what YOU uniquely want to do.


Join Ivy.Ly for a 5-week journey where we will reflect, design and do!  We’ll meet every Monday from September 28 - October 26 , over Zoom. At the end of the 5 sessions, you will have defined your own values, creatively explored and verbalized the areas of your life you want to set goals for and developed a short term plan to achieve what matters most over the next 2 months - all with the support of other like-minded women.  


We are here to encourage you to tap into the remaining potential that exists in 2020, and achieve something meaningful for yourself. Our goal is to provide guidance and support while creating a collaborative and conversational forum. To do this, we are going to limit participation to 8 people! 

Program currently closed. Please email us to be added to our waitlist for the next one.