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who are seeking to make the most of 2021

One thing we have learned in 2020 is the importance of staying connected and engaged when the world won’t allow us to do that in traditional ways.  


To quote Brene Brown ‘we don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to!’


At Ivy.Ly, we create space to go below the surface. We believe real personal development happens when you tap into your values and understand what is serving you (and what’s not). 

Over the course of 2020, we’ve had countless conversations with you - our community - about what it is like to manage multiple priorities, while wrestling with big feelings of excitement, ambition, overwhelm and uncertainty. 


In those same conversations, we saw powerful shifts in perspective. Whether the conversation focused on how to navigate self-talk when mistakes are made, how to break down complex goals in order to make progress, or how to be more confident in new and potentially risky situations, there was no denying how the group empowered each of the individual participants to get clear on what mattered to them. 

Introducing, Ivy.Ly's inaugural membership options!

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Details About Each Benefit

Personal OnBoarding: Your personal on-boarding session is our chance to get to know you and your goals. Ahead of this time, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so that we can spend our time together learning more about your values, your vision for the future and your motivation to join as well as walking you through the membership process.

Monthly Check-ins: We believe that consistency and continued support are key to goal pursuit. Every month  we will spend 60 minutes checking in. ​These monthly conversations will build accountability as individuals share what they are working on and the group offers support, suggestion and ideas on current roadblocks. 

Half Year Reflection Workshop: June is the perfect time to take a step back and assess your annual goal journey. This facilitated session will encourage deep reflection and honest evaluation of what's been working and what needs work. Through conversation and journaling, each participant will determine how their goal journey has been aligned to their values and what deserves to be prioritized in the months ahead.

Personal Goal Journey Workshop: Every participant in the GOLD membership will be invited to join a 5-week goal identification and planning workshop. The workshop will be designed to facilitate personal work in the areas of value, roadblocks and goals while leveraging group conversation to energize, motivate and empower its participants to design a fulfilling 2021.

Is This For Me?

We didn't launch memberships on a whim. Months were spent talking to women who had goals for 2020 and wanted more in their pursuit to achieve them. If you've ever said...

I struggle to get into a rhythm of working toward my goals that is sustainable and pleasurable.

I can and like to reflect but I’m not pushing myself to grow.

I let other people’s priorities take over and lose sight of my own goals.

I need to get out of my own head in order to take action. 

This is for you AND us.

We both agreed that expanding our services to this community and support women in this way mattered deeply to us. And it was, in fact, just an expansion of the model we had been practicing with each other for years. If you've been yearning for an intimate space to make new friends who chat openly about the goals that light them up, are honest about what's blocking them, and are excited to celebrate what matters to you, I hope you'll join us. 

Membership is first come, first served. We will only been accepting 15 women into our January cohort. That's 15 total women across both membership levels. It's intentionally small because we want to deliver a highly personal and connected experience. The next opportunity to join if January membership fills up will be June 2021.

Membership Action
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